"98% of the time when he touches the ball he scores."
- Coach Frank Beamer, on Caleb

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As featured on the ABC Sports web site, October 21, 1999
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In case you are one of the very few cloistered souls who still doesn't know, Caleb Hurd is the placekick holder for the No 2 Virginia Tech Hokies.  His precise handling of the holding duties is probably the most important key to the Hokies' unprecedented success this year.  On numerous occasions he has pulled down high snaps, deftly handled low snaps, grabbed snaps out of the air despite fierce crosswinds, and placed the ball on the turf perfectly no matter the condition of the playing field.  His lifetime percentage of snaps successfully held, according to the best sources we have, is 100%, which is tied for the best in NCAA history.  Numerous newspaper articles about the incredible special teams play of the Hokies have appeared this fall, throughout the country, and a huge part of that success and recognition can be summed up in two words - Caleb Hurd.

Because of his preeminence in the holding world, and his Herculean might towering over the special teams universe, Caleb has quite a substantial following at Virginia Tech and, yes, throughout the world.  "Caleb's Hurd," his most devoted fans at Tech, were present at every home and away game during the 1999 season.  They were also there for the taping of ESPN's GameDay show at Lane Stadium prior to the Hokies' 62-0 shellacking of Syracuse on October 16th, and GameDay's return before the victory over Miami.  At Lane Stadium they occupy the first row of the stands in section 5, about on the 15 yard line in the East stands.

Caleb Hurd News and Notes
(updated 11/27/1999)
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Hurd Campaign Suffers Terrible Setback!
Caleb Not Invited to Award Ceremony, Vick instead represents Hokies.

In a crushing blow to Caleb Hurd's Heisman Trophy chances, he was not included in the list of finalists invited to the awards ceremony this Saturday in New York City.   No explanation was given on any of the major networks for the omission.  All we here at the Hurd Campaign can figure is that some misguided soul has slanted the opinions of the Heisman voters.  Somehow they have come to believe that unimaginable rushing totals, thousands of yards passing and/or quarterbacking your team to the national championship game is somehow more important than holding on placekicks.

Did the voters not see the West Virginia game?  Don't they listen to the oft-repeated cliché "That missed extra point is going to come back to haunt them."?  Didn't they see that Caleb was the only holder out of 114 division I-A holders to make the Sports Illustrated top ten special teams players of the year?   Not since Plessy vs. Ferguson has such an injustice been perpetrated!

Despite this terrible injustice, a little solace may be taken from the invitation of fellow Hokie Michael Vick to the ceremony.  The freshman QB is the first freshman invited to the Heisman ceremony since it began being televised in 1981.  We can also rejoice in the rejection of Virginia tailback Thomas Jones, who was shunned by the voters despite leading some little basketball conference in rushing.

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You may wonder how it is that a man of his stature could have been overlooked by the Heisman prognosticators?  We do too.  So here's the Heisman race as we see it:

Caleb Hurd, Virginia Tech - Unblemished record for national championship contender
Peter Warrick, Florida State - dastardly accused felon not worthy of the honor.
Ron Dayne, Wisconsin - broke Ricky Williams' record but couldn't stop Wisconsin from losing twice..
Chad Pennington, Marshall - His team's weak schedule and his (reportedly) really bad hair hurts him.
Shaun Alexander, Alabama - Gaudy stats more a product of the wide-open spread offense than his skills.
Joe Hamilton, Georgia Tech - Throws, runs... but can he hold?
Micheal Vick, Virginia Tech - May be Caleb's only serious challenger, but he is just a freshman.

Seems pretty clear-cut, doesn't it?

Here's some official info on Caleb:

Holder ... 6-2 ... 208 ...born 7/5/78
Senior, 3 Varsity Letters
Pulaski, Va.
Pulaski County High School, head coach Joel Hicks

Is an integral part of Tech's successful field goal and extra
point teams ... Has served as a holder for kicker Shayne
Graham since their high school days at Pulaski County ...
Keeps his poise when the heat is on ... Combines good
reflexes with sure hands ... Makes his job look easy ...

1997: Met all six goals in the strength and conditioning
 program when he returned for practice ... Started every game
 as Tech's holder for place-kicks ... Improved his back squat
 from the fall by 40 pounds with a 330-pound squat during
 spring testing ...

1996: Lettered as the holder for field goals and extra point
kicks ... Started in 10 regular-season games and the Orange
Bowl ... Did not see action in Tech's final home game against
Virginia ...

High School: Served as the holder for placements at Pulaski
County High ... Lettered two seasons in that capacity for
Coach Joel Hicks ... Earned four letters as a catcher, pitcher
and third baseman on the baseball team ... Was a
second-team all-district pick his senior year as both a
catcher and a pitcher ... A member of the National Honor
Society ...

Personal: Caleb Daniel Hurd ... Born 7/5/78 in Pulaski, VA ...
Son of Roger and Diane Hurd ... Is studying mechanical engineering in case his
upcoming NFL career is cut short.

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